Key features
  • Turnkey solution to cut specimen in explosive / hazardous environment or restricted area
  • Diamond wire size used: 0.7mm
  • Adjustable wire cutting speed: ± 2m/s
  • Specimen diameter up to 2000mm (80 inches)
  • Basically no restrictions in specimen length:
  • Specimen weight: max. 2500kg/m (5000lbs/yd)
  • Support frame and diamond wire saw made of anodized extruded aluminum profiles and corrosion resistant materials
  • Dismountable for transportation and storage
  • Easy loading of heavy specimen from above
  • Low maintenance wire pulleys and servo drive with wire drum
  • Fail safe wire tensioning devise with error detection: wire break, over tension
  • Wire cleaning with blowing air nozzles and air operated vacuum cleaner (vacuum can be used in stand-alone mode for cleaning purposes)
  • High-precision linear sensor for vertical saw position
  • Local and remote panel (distance from the local panel: up to 500m)
  • PLC with different user levels; password protected
  • Automatic cutting cycle
  • Visual and audible warnings at local and remote panel
  • Pre-selectable cutting depth
  • Adjustable cutting parameters (cutting speed, cutting force, etc.)
  • PLC with touch screen
  • Remote panel for 19” rack mount available
  • Trouble shooting, software updates, etc. via telephone or internet
  • Recommended spare parts package delivered with machine
Explosion Proof #9040-003
Cutting Samples
Cutting Temperatures
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